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Stop smoking pledge. We will help you stop smoking in two sessions, or you can come back until you’ve kicked the habit at no extra cost.* Price: £120

Weight loss plan. An individually tailored programme to help you lose weight – and stay slim. Six sessions: £250
NEW: Gastric Band treatment now offered.

Fast phobia fix. Don't allow phobias to control your life.
Three sessions. Price £160

Confidence builder. Do you lack the confidence you need to get ahead at work, or pass your driving test?
Two sessions. Price £120

New direction: Discover your inner strengths and help achieve your life goals. Two sessions. Price £120

Life laundry: Do you find it difficult to move on from issues such as childhood bullying, personal trauma or bad relationships? Leave it all behind quickly and easily using powerful NLP techniques, including Timeline.

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Special offer: Non-package treatments of three or more sessions qualify for a 20% discount (single session fee £60).

Please note: These packages cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Results may vary.

* Maximum four sessions

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Snakes alive!
See how hypnotherapist Stuart Brown helped BBC sports reporter Vassos Alexander overcome his phobia of snakes on the Chris Evans show on Radio 2.

Time to kick the habit!

We all know how dangerous smoking is for your health. But sometimes it's really hard to kick the habit.

It's just a matter of will power, you say to yourself… But however much you want to give up smoking, it's just not that easy in practice.

That's where hypnotherapy comes in. I can replace those urges to put a cigarette to your lips with alternative suggestions.

Put simply, I can 'reprogram' your brain so that instead of performing one action, such as reaching for that cigarette, you reach for a nice juicy grape instead. Sounds too simple? On the contrary, it works very, very effectively. Many of my clients have had no further urge to smoke after just one session of treatment.

So how does it work? I use a technique called neuro-linguistic programming. What a mouthful – it’s enough to make you yawn just hearing it! Yet NLP, as it is known, can produce dramatic results. NLP is the study of how our subconscious mind works, how it filters everything it sees, and how it responds to experiences – both good and bad. And yes, NLP really can help us to reprogram our brains, using powerful imagery, so that we can become more confident, less stressed, relate better to family, friends and work colleagues, banish fears and phobias, lose weight – and stop smoking.

Losing weight takes a little longer - I can't just instruct your brain to stop eating! But I can implant suggestions that you won't want to snack between meals, and create an aversion to certain types of food you want to avoid. I can also take you forward in time to see the 'new slim you' to help you visualise how wonderful you're going to look when you've lost weight!

And for those of us who simply want to make a new start - be it find a new relationship or get a new job - having a couple of sessions can help you banish the ghosts of your past and move forward with new confidence.

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