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Hypnotherapy that changed the outcome
of my recent surgery

I went to New Horizons Therapy when I was faced with major abdominal surgery as I had a real phobia of cannulas. Richard gave me two hypnotherapy sessions and I downloaded further hypnotherapy recordings tailored specifically to my needs.

I was told to expect major surgery as my scans showed lesions, scar tissue and partial blockages.

Can you imagine my surprise when I came to only to discover that a) I thought how the cannula looked rather like a butterfly,  and b) even more surprising was the fact that the surgery was a complete success due to the fact that some of the condition had 'righted itself'.

The only explanation for this is that with the help of hypnotherapy my body has been able to 'heal itself'.

Thank you so very much

A Dorchester resident


He cured night terrors I had suffered for years

I consulted Richard after seeing my GP as I was having lots of night terrors. My GP said these are very difficult to treat and she suggested hypnotherapy. She didn't know of anyone to recommend, so I checked the register online and found that Richard was quite near to where I live.

I only needed two sessions and I am pleased to report that I have had no night terrors since. I am delighted because this had been a problem for many years and it has alleviated this problem so quickly. I would thoroughly recommend Richard who is very calm and encouraging.

Margaret, Weymouth


I walked out feeling that I was a non-smoker

Having been a smoker on and off for many years, trying and failing many times to give up, I finally decided to try hypnotherapy.

Though slightly anxious to begin with, once I actually met Richard I immediately felt confident and positive.

After the first session with Richard I walked out feeling that I was a non-smoker! I can honestly say that I have never been even slightly tempted since that day.

My only regret? That I never did it years ago. Thank you Richard!

SB, Bridport


Hypnotherapy helped me get my life back

I had deep unresolved issues that I had been trying to deal with for many years and had tried counselling on a number of occasions. However it never helped and just made me feel worse.

I had a course of sessions over a number of weeks with Richard and he helped me enormously, more than I imagined was possible, to be totally honest. I was not totally convinced that it would make a difference, but I was wrong.

I had not expected that the change would be so noticeable and in such a short time. I think and feel completely differently now. Hypnotherapy has helped me get my life back, and for that I will always be truly grateful, thank you.

JR, Poole


I sleep longer and feel more rested

I was an insomniac for nearly 10 years. I had tried a variety of cures, ranging from conventional to alternative – from prescription drugs to acupuncture – but with little efffect.

Hynotherapy had been suggested to me, and I thought it would be worth a try. I had six consultations with Richard, involving both hpnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), which challenged and re-programmed my entrenched thoughts and habits.

I now sleep for longer at nights, feel more rested in the morning and have a more positive attitude. I would thoroughly recommend hypnotherapy and NLP to anybody who has problems sleeping or has long-held anxieties.

JB, Wareham

An uplifting and life-changing experience

I found my experience with Richard very uplifting and life-changing. 

He helped me deal with various issues which I felt had become too difficult for me to deal with.

I would look forwards to the sessions with Richard, knowing that I would feel more relaxed, positive and feeling a weight lifted off my shoulders.

I am now looking at my life from a completely different perspective, now a stronger and more confident person. Richard has also helped me prepare myself for any similar events which may occur; I am now more confident to face these alone. (But knowing someone is there to help again, if needed, is a calming thought.)

I truly believe I wouldn't be where I am now without this help, and highly recommend Richard for hypnotherapy/NLP at New Horizons. ( It actually works!)

JH Dorchester


Could it really be that easy? Yes it was!

I have been a smoker on and off for over 20 years. Like all smokers fags were my comfort blanket, andI have to be honest, I was a little unsure about the procedure. Richard said that I should leave a non-smoker... could it really be that easy?

Well yes it was!! He was really easy to talk to and totally put me at ease. When I left after an hour, the first thing I would have usually done is light up. But I can honestly say that the thought did not even cross my mind. 

From that point onwards I have not thought about smoking or wanted to smoke. I have had none of the withdrawals that usually go hand in hand with quitting. If you are thinking about this therapy, I would say what are you waiting for and still wasting money on fags... it is the best thing I have ever done.

Thanks Richard!!!

PB, Wareham


Thank you so much for all your help

I went to see Richard re some issues and guilt feelings I had re my dad, ex-husband, and mother.

With my dad, I had not spoken to him in three months and only had an hour to make it up to him before he died, which I did. I carried it around for years. With my ex-husband, I also felt bad as I thought it was my fault re the break-up of the marriage. Richard helped me to see that it was not just my fault, and I feel much better now on both of them.

With my mother, I had lots of flashbacks on how she was to me and found it hard to cope with the feelings. Richard helped me to cope much better, and now I hardly think about her.

Thank you so much for all the help you gave me.

CW, Surrey


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